Limoges, I believe; can anyone tell me more?
Frances Armstrong.
Miniature vases and jugs
This is a very small and delicate glass jug, shown in actual size on the left.  I bought it in Kensington, London, in 1973.

Miniature furniture
miniature books
misc. and mys.
The jugs/pitchers on the left and right are quite often seen in old dollhouses,  and sometimes identified as Wedgewood and Doulton respectively.  Can anyone tell me more?  They are about  half an inch high.
The tiny one is beautifully shaped out of an unknown-to-me material.  It's painted cream, with a gold handle.  I bought the blue one in Camden Passage, London, in 1969, and the other at Bayly's Galleries, Princes Arcade, London.
I bought these in London, England, in 1969.  They were packed in a little book-shaped box with "Stollwerck" written on it by hand, and with a note addressed to a little girl.
So far I haven't been able to trace Miss Evelyn Knight of Station House, Helmdon, who received this gift from her Auntie Evelyn in 1906.