Frances Armstrong
Miniature teasets
in approximately 1/12 scale
As on the other pages of this site, items are not for sale.  I am hoping visitors will  be able to help me identify the makers, or give me any other information
This teaset is on a tray measuring about two inches across.  I don't know anything about it.  I don't think it has always  been on this tray, because there is another cup and saucer that won't fit in.  I bought it at Kay Desmonde's shop in Kensington Church Wallk, London, in 1975.
This teaset I  obtained only a week ago at an estate sale.  It's all made of wood, and the pieces fit inside the wooden "doorknob" behind them, the tray acting as a lid.  "Mallorca" is  written on the box.

It looks old, but it also looks like something that could have been made for tourists quite recently.  I do know that Dickens refers to teasets in little containers (David Copperfield [1849-50] chapter 31)..

Can anyone tell me more?
Plain white teaset.  I'll get a better photo as soon as I can.  The bead-headed pin gives some idea of size.  The sugar basin has (I hope) a lid.   I bought this set also at Kay Desmonde's shop in 1975..

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