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Miscellaneous and Mysterious
Some of the things shown here may not be "dollhouse" miniatures at all, but they are the right shape and size to have been used as toys.  As on other pages, I would like to find out more about these  pieces.
I bought most of these pieces in one lot, and I have no idea where they come from, or even what they are.  Most of them about 3/4 inch high/.  The piece with the diagonal cross has tiny legs. Below it is a solid object with a very thin ?paper? covering on top.
          The  bigger pieces appear to be ivory.  The two smallest, top  right and bottom left, are from another purchase.  So is the little mermaid on the right, with  a metal ring embedded in  her  head
I put the mermaid here as a miniature rather than as a charm or a piece of jewellery, because I was struck by the similarity to a chandelier pictured on page 187 of Leonie von Wilckens's Mansions in Miniature.
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